Energize yourself in the Salzkammergut!
Discover places of happiness around the Attersee Lake; promote development of inner sensitivity, relax and recharge.

"Glücksplatz Pfarrer-Salletl" 
This calms you down and supports your inner sensitivity as well as it promotes relaxation.


Hiking suggestion: starting point the the tourist information center direction tavern Ragginger – left direction to carpentry Haberl – left directing to Attersee hiking trail west until Pfarrersallettl; walking time: 30 minutes

"Glücksplatz Birnbaumplatz"

Vital cheerfulness. Life is a companionship with a partner. The interaction and cooperation of female and male energies is elementary. Every piece has got its place.


Hiking suggestion: starting point is the parking lot next to the church – direction Gerlham – in Gerlham follow directions to Gerlhamer Moor; walking time: 2.5 hours

"Glücksplatz Weissenbach"
This very special spot makes you feel secure and fosters personal consistency. The one side, these rough rock faces rise into the sky, and on the other side it goes downhill. The copper beech, however, offers security and shelter.


Hiking suggestion: starting point is parking lot Schiffsanlegestelle –direction Nikoloweg – follow given directions: 10 minutes

"Platz der Geborgenheit"
This spot presents itself in its calming and comforting way. Totally separated from the hectic rush of the 21st century, this place lets you experience the feeling of security and gives you strength.


Hiking suggestion: starting point is Marktwaldstr. directing to Oberhehenfeld parking lot (former gymnastics parcours) -  turn right up to forest street and follow directions until Häfelberg; walking time: 2.5 hours

"Glücksplatz Reiserbauern-Mühle"
The feeling of perishability is quite strong here. However, or just because of this, the power of preserving seems to be of high relevance. “Don’t give up” is the message that this spot conveys to its visitors.


Hiking suggestion: option 1: from the center of Nussdorf via Anger and Oberdorf to hiking trail west; after 2 hours side road to Reiserbauernmuehle according to directions given; walking time: 3 hours